In cooperation with the agency Saffron Brand Consultants in Madrid we have developed and manufactured the corporate typeface family for the Spanish bank Bankinter.

The Bankinter Corporate Type is the result of an exclusive development, based on the Bankinter brand idea and defined values. The design is inspired by the letterforms of the Bankinter logo and combines contemporary aspects with classic design elements. This contrast provides a distinctive look, which is very expressive and guarantees an excellent legibility in all sizes.

The Bankinter Corporate Type is sophisticated and elegant, provides expertise and authority without appearing aloof.

Bankinter Regular and Bold is used for headlines and accentuation, while Bankinter Text is an optimized version for large blocks of text and small sizes (eg. annual reports).

The new Bankinter Corporate Type is an essential part of the Corporate Design of Bankinter.

URW++ IdentiType Bankinter Reference 1
URW++ IdentiType Bankinter Reference 2
URW++ IdentiType Bankinter Reference 3
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