The Nimbus Sans font is the Emerson font for non-digital communication and may only be used for world areas that do not use the Roman alphabet. (The exception is Russian and Eastern European languages, which should use the appropriate language version of DTL Argo.)


Nimbus Sans was chosen to convey, as closely as possible, the same brand attributes as the Emerson corporate font for a variety of languages.


Fonts are available in different weights depending on language. Regardless of the language, you can use whichever weight(s) works best for your creative needs as long as you stay within the approved font family.


Available languages: Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Japanese, Thai and Devanagari (supported languages: Hindi, Kashmiri, Konkani, Marathi, Nepali, Sanskrit, Bodo, Dogri, Maithili).


Note that pricing for the full Nimbus Sans font family does include a 10% discount.


Product File Type Price
Nimbus Sans Full Family TrueType € 5712.80 add to cart
Nimbus Sans Chinese TrueType € 1999.00 add to cart
Nimbus Sans Devanagari TrueType € 250.00 add to cart
Nimbus Sans Japanese TrueType € 1999.00 add to cart
Nimbus Sans Korean TrueType € 1250.00 add to cart
Nimbus Sans ME TrueType € 499.75 add to cart
Nimbus Sans Thai TrueType € 350.00 add to cart
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