Corporate Type

The corporate typeface, along with the company logo and the company colors, is an important component of the corporate design. 

The fact that it is not consciously perceived as often as the company name and the company logo does not diminish its significance:

It is a proven fact that it greatly influences unconscious perception. 

URW is very experienced in this area and has developed and/or digitized CI elements (fonts and logos) for a substantial number of international companies. To name simply our three largest German customers: DaimlerChrysler AG, Siemens AG and Deutsche Telekom AG. However, the production of CI elements is increasingly merely the first step towards a comprehensive typeface conception for our customers. To date, corporate typefaces have mostly been used for classic, high quality printing jobs; we support our customers by providing the corporate typeface(s) for practically every type of PC workstation and for almost every form of written communication.

Developing solutions for the integration of CI elements in electronic forms/stationery in order to enhance productivity and efficiency for our customers is simply a logical step forward for us.

Corporate Type Fragebogen

To facilitate the planning of your corporate typeface, please fill out our questionnaire as completely as possible and return it to URW.

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