Marit Otto

I have been working as an independent visual artist since 1994. My studio, Atelier OO7, is located in the building of DOAS, a cultural innovative breeding ground, in Zwolle, The Netherlands.
I am self-taught with a background in graphic design. Over time I have developed into a multi-discplinary artist.

A distinctive feature in my work is the human body in al its shapes, forms and behavioural aspects. My art is often a personal reflection of social issues and current affairs, but I am also inspired by daily scenes, platitudes and the absurdities of human behaviour. Although my art is highly aestetical; it also contains distressing elements that evoke a feeling of uneasiness. This contradiction is a recurring theme in my art work. Do you really see what is shown? 

To me, innovation is not a purpose in itself but the result of progressive insight and the need to stretch and push my own boundaries. Lately my art is more ascetic which could be interpreted as a return to the core of being. 

My art portrays human nature in its sobriety, stripped of pretence, through the use of colour and shape. My current work is less anecdotal than my prior art. The created images often touch upon the edge of fiction and fact and range from graphic to plastic. Therefore my art work covers several disciplines: paintings, sculptures and processed photographs.

Next to my work as an independent artist, I create and participate in community art projects and educational art projects. I also designs for non-profit organisations, private clients and commercial companies. I am also an art coach and a participating member of the visual arts committee in Zwolle.

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