Licensing Models

Our fonts are available with different licensing models. The icons in the font list  indicate which license models are available for the fonts displayed by you. If the appropriate license model are not available or do not match your specific usage, please contact us.

This is an overview of the licensing models in short form.
A detailed version as PDF is available for download on our site license agreement.

Desktop License

 The Desktop License is the standard license for the use of fonts in desktop applications and in print media. The Desktop License allows you to create and print documents and graphics with the selected URW font(s). Such graphics and free PDF may also be published online with the Desktop License.

URW font(s) which have been bought with the Desktop License may be fully embedded into PDF.

The number of users can be selected in the card, if it should increase by time, it can be easily upgraded. The Desktop License is not limited by time. URW font(s) purchased with a Desktop License generally come in the OT or the TT format.

Webfont License

 The Webfont License enables the embedding of a font into a web-domain, so it can be viewed in any browser. Within the licensed domain you are permitted to supply as many websites with the licensed font as you wish. Thereby the amount of pageviews per month, which will be selected in the card, may be exhausted. Once you exceed the agreed limit you can easily upgrade your license. We specifically do not apply a tracking code for pageviews to our Webfont License as confidence towards the customer is a core component of our corporate philosophy.

Mobile- and Application License

 The Mobile- and Application License allows you to embed URW fonts into an application in the area mobile or web. The URW Mobile and Application License is a cross-platform license which also serves for versions of your application in different languages. If the font file is not integrated into your application, but instead just shows within a graphic, only a URW Desktop License is required. 

Free updates within the application do not require a separate license.

ePub: eBook / ePaper License

 The eBook License is required for all kinds of electronical publications. A purchased license serves for all viable platforms as well as versions in different languages. Free uppdates of your electronical publication do not require an additional license.

If you plan on releasing multiple issues of a single title, as for example in an ePaper or eMagazine, please have a look at our ePaper License.

Web-Server Application License:

 Any website, application or service which allows a user to create something with an embedded font requires a Web-Server Application License. Those services could for example be, but are not limited to: the creation of PDF, t-shirts, graphics and mobile phone covers. 

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