The development and expansion of global markets and new technologies have brought new challenges and demands for font manufacturers. New products by Western companies are pushing into the Near Eastern and Asian markets. In order to be successful, such products must be equipped with fonts which support Asian writing systems, such as Arabic, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Devanagari, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and many more.

URW, being the inventor of digital outline fonts and a pioneer in font technology, has developed and licensed its IKARUS software for more than 30 years for and to Asian customers, enhancing the system step by step to meet the requirements of non-Latin font design and digitization, above all for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Kanji and Hangul. During that time we have learned a lot about these scripts and also produced our own range of CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) fonts together with our Asian cooperation and joint venture partners.  

As font vendor, we have become a global player. We offer not only OpenType fonts in multilingual code pages for almost all languages of the world, but in addition also Unicode fonts with global Unicode character sets to meet the growing demand from the industry for such world fonts.

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