URW Library Subscription

At URW we want our partners and customers to find our fonts easily accessible and simple to use. We believe that pitching agencies should have easy access to our whole library so that your creative juices can flow. With this in mind, we have developed a new licence especially for agencies in the creative sector, which offers easy access to our ever-growing font library.

With the URW Library Subscription you can use all typefaces in desktop applications and you can even implement them into websites or apps for presentation and test purposes. The licence is perfectly suited to the creative industry, giving you permanent access to a large font library and the rights to pitch with it. Four Global Font families and numerous non-Latin fonts are included so you have exactly what you need to pitch to international corporate clients.

Please find below an overview of the URW Library Subscription content and the licence agreement:


The URW Library Subscription includes over 700 type families. New URW releases will be added frequently. URW Library Subscription customers have online access to the library and will receive free updates.

Should you have any questions regarding the URW Library Subscription or require a customised licence, don’t hesitate to contact us: info(at)urwpp.de or +49 40 606050

URW Library Subscription

For up to 10 Users

€ 499,- per year

in den Warenkorb

URW Library Subscription

For up to 20 Users

€ 999,- per year

in den Warenkorb
URW Library Subscription For more than 20 users on demand
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